Privacy policy

GPP S.A., ul. Konduktorska 33, 40-155 Katowice assures the safety of the personal details you entrust us with by applying safety measures which guarantee their confidentiality and proper use.

By using the online website, in any manner, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Policy.

We do not sell our clients’ or business partners’ personal details or addresses to third parties.

The website limits the use and collection of client information to a necessary minimum required to provide services on the highest level, which includes informing our clients about the products and services in our offer.

In exceptional situations we use the information we have collected to elaborate collective, general statistical reports which are not shared with third parties. These reports usually contain information about our website’s views. They do not contain any information which would enable us to identify a given user.

At times the GPP S.A. organizes contests during which we ask viewers for contact details. We use these details for the following purposes:

  • to send viewers information about our company as well as promotional materials from some of our business partners,
  • to contact viewers only when necessary (e.g. to provide them their contest prize).

Your internet browser may save cookie files on your computer’s hard drive, depending on your settings. Cookies contain information that is necessary for websites to function properly: this includes our website.

Cookie files do not allow us to identify a given user. Cookies are not used to process or store personal details.

Cookies are stored on users’ computers for the purposes of:

  • maintaining user sessions, thanks to which a user does not have to provide user names and passwords for each subpage,
  • adjusting the website to meet the individual needs of users, increasing the functionality of visited websites,
  • elaborating view statistics,
  • presenting online ads with content that best suit the interests of a given viewer,
  • preventing online surveys to be taken more than once by the same person.

If you fully disable your browser from storing cookies on your computer’s hard drive, it may make it impossible for you to access some of our content, as well as significantly impact the quality of our content, or make it impossible to see some of this content.

GPP S.A., ul. Konduktorska 33, 40-155 Katowice will gladly review all of your opinions and comments concerning data protection. Please send all comments via email to or post them to our head office: GPP S.A., ul. Konduktorska 33, 40-155 Katowice.